Setting Up, Adding Campaigns and more guide using RedTrack

A Guide to the #1 Tracking Software You Should Use In 2019. (RedTrack)

Recently, I have been receiving a lot of messages and emails from affiliates complaining and asking me;

‘What tracking platform should I use?…’

‘Am new to affiliate marketing, advise me on which tracker to use…’

‘But voluum costs have gone up wildly, what can I do?…’

‘I am sick and tired of my self-hosted tracker, it keeps going down…what do you recommend?’

and so many more issues regarding tracking.

I recently found out a great new solution for all those issues raised, which is and I shared it with you in a previous post on my blog, you can read it here.

At the end of that post, I promised to upload a free, no BS guide to using this advanced tracker that you should get familiar with before 2019. And finally, after the wait, the guide is here.

Now, before I get into this…

Here’s the fact, there are a lot of new trackers coming out on the marketplace these days, literally it’s like every month there’s a new tracker. But what I want to do for you in this guide is to break down what I believe is the best tracker for you to use for your campaigns at the moment (all factors considered) and I will go much deeper to basically explain step by step, the entire process of launching your first successful campaign on this tracking software even though you are totally a newbie, and hopefully this will help you see much more profits in your online business.

Get ready to take some notes! 🙂


PART 1: Contents

  • Introduction to RedTrack
  • What is a Tracker and what is tracking?
  • Trackers on the Marketplace
  • Self-hosted trackers Vs Hosted Trackers
  • RedTrack Vs AdsBridge and Voluum
  • Features of
  • Why you should switch to RedTrack before 2019
  • Switching to RedTrack

Introduction to RedTrack

RedTrack is the most sophisticated and yet most affordable tracking solution available on the market out there at the moment and as you might have guessed right, it is a cloud-hosted tracking software. So there are no issues of you being worried of the servers crashing and getting into so much more pain caused by self-hosted trackers (I will get deeper into this later on in this guide).

What is a Tracker and what is tracking?

A tracker is basically a software that allows you to see the performance of your marketing campaigns and analyze various metrics of your campaign. It’s by these metrics that you are going to be able to identify the elements of your campaign that are making you money or burning your money, and then you can make further optimizations to your campaign and focus on the elements that are making you money.

These elements might be the ads, banners, goes, device types, IP addresses, mobile carriers, landing pages and so many more.

Literally tracking is a deep analysis of the performance of your campaign and getting to know each aspect of it, in terms of data. Once you have the data of your campaign, It’s with that data that you can use to spot and differentiate winning elements of your campaign from the losing ones, then make adjustments by totally excluding the losing elements and dealing with only and only the winning elements and guess what’s next, Profits babyyyy!!!

And that’s why I always say tracking is fundamental to the success of any paid advertising campaign. Every successful affiliate understands and 100% recommends it and it’s basically the difference between a successful affiliate and struggling newbie who’s trying to jump into the affiliate marketing business.

It stresses me out whenever I see those so-called YouTube gurus selling affiliate marketing courses online that don’t even teach a single thing about tracking.

Tip: Once you notice that, don’t waste your money buying that course because that person is also just a rookie trying to survive by selling courses online and doesn’t really know the game of affiliate marketing.

Trackers on the Market

As I said, there are a lot of trackers on the market, there are CPV labs, Voluum, Thrive, ImobiTrax, AdsBridge and so many more. And I want you to understand this, they all pretty much do the exact same thing. The only difference between one tracker and another tracker is not the metrics, it’s the simply the interface, advanced features, and pricing. What I want to let you know is that there are people making over 6 figures on each of those trackers. It’s not that am despising any of them, okay.

It’s not about the tracker you use but it’s all about how you use it and that’s what makes the difference.

But again most of those good and popular ones are old and outdated; And as you understand, affiliate marketing keeps on evolving and you always have to evolve too by keeping up with the latest technology or else you’ll get kicked out of your own game.

Another issue is that the few good ones that are still surviving are getting super expensive and this is not favorable at all, especially for newbies.

Self-hosted Trackers Vs Hosted Trackers

There are a couple of considerations you must put in your mind before picking a tracker but the main thing is to choose if you want to host the tracker yourself or if you want the tracker hosted for you.

The difference is that if you have a tracker like Thrive, FunnelFlux, CpvLabs or ImobiTrax, these are self-hosted trackers and they require you to be able to have hosting for yourself, so that means you are going to be responsible for your hosting bills and you’re going to be responsible in case anything crashes. All that is on you! 🙁

With Hosted trackers, the tracking software company hosts the tracker for you, which means that they pay for the hosting and all you need to do is to plug and play with them by simply connecting your links to your landing pages then start running your campaigns. Some good examples are RedTrack, Voluum, and AdsBridge.

These hosted trackers are obviously going to be a little more expensive because they have to deal with your server infrastructure, and they save you from a lot of work especially dealing with your hosting set up, bills. and having specific tracking domains for your own tracker which makes long scary links. Another issue with self-hosted trackers is that your landing pages may load up slowly if you buy traffic from countries whose location is far away from your actual servers’ location.

For example, if your server is located in the United States and you are running a campaign with traffic from Australia, then the speed of loading up your landing pages is going to be way too slow for the users in Australia and you can tell this by using a tool like Pingdom. The only way to avoid that is by hosting your tracker on a CDN server which again is far more expensive.

So, that should simply tell you that using a Hosted tracker will save you lots of money and time.

It’s a no-brainer!

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RedTrack Vs AdsBridge and Voluum

So when it comes to Hosted Trackers, the main Hosted trackers on the marketplace are RedTrack, Voluum, and AdsBridge. And I repeat this, they all show the exact same metrics, the main differences are the interfaces, prices and advanced tools available within the specific trackers.

And that’s where RedTrack beats its competitors by far.

Actually, I personally think there’s no contest there because RedTrack is way advanced with better tech and bearing the fact that RedTrack offers 50,000 trackable events for a full month for free, their customer service is next level and it still offers many features like Custom Domains, Cloaking, Bot blacklisting, very fast redirects  and so much more.

Let’s focus on the price difference between RedTrack and its competitors.

As you can definitely see, RedTrack is definitely beating its competition when it comes to prices per events recorded. It’s paid plans start from $29 which is favorable for all affiliates especially those on a low budget. Even though you are already a big baller in the industry, wouldn’t you like to save that cash and rather put into your ad spend where the actual profits are made?

It also offers 50,000 trackable events per month free plan. That alone is enough to enable new users to test and utilize the platform risk-free and once you are contented with their services, you can immediately upgrade to a paid plan with better utilities. Each paid plan has a two week trial period.

Features of

Here are the other main features whereby RedTrack beats its competition by far and makes it the best tracking software on the market.

  • SaaS – RedTrack is a Software as a Service tracker, which enables you to take care of your campaigns as it handles all the technical work, from recording your campaign data to hosting it on their servers which isn’t easy to do as an affiliate.
  • Autoscale – It redirects your traffic very fast, and displays report in real-time. This happens so efficiently because they have their servers placed in many various locations in all continents.
  • Geo-balancing– RedTrack tracks and regulates your campaign’s performance in all GEOs very efficiently.
  • AI-Smartlinks– It uses Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms to ensure high performance and ROI for your campaigns.
  • LP Pixel – It lets you rotate landing pages and offers with LP tracking pixels which is the best tech used to track the performance of landing page and offers especially when you are running split tests. A similar tech Facebook and Google uses.
  • Custom Domains– It lets you use your own custom domains for tracking instead of those other long and scary links offered by other tracking softwares. I recently made a post on this.
  • Custom Dashboards – It lets you customize it’s dashboard so that you can group your data in multiple variables and it enables you to access it easily just the way you would like. This will always help you find make quick analysis to find winning combinations of your campaigns.
  • Smart Streams – It helps you create multiple streams for traffic redirects.

There’s still much more stuff RedTrack has to offer…

Fast traffic redirects
Bot Blocking
Offers its API for better integration with other tools and software.
Integrated with most top affiliate networks and traffic sources.
Tracking all types of traffic
Unique visitor cap (It lets you limit the number of times an offer is shown to the same visitor. In the case that the user has already seen the offer, he will be shown a completely  different offer within the same campaign.)
Daily conversion cap
Supports multiple cost models – CPA, CPC, CPM, and RevShare.
Tracking all variables from every single click: Source, Network, Offer, Campaign, GEOs, OS, Browser type & Version, Device, Connection type & Carrier, IP address, Click date & time, Referrer and so many more.


Why you should switch to RedTrack

There are many benefits of RedTrack compared to other trackers (even the one you may be using at the moment) as I have already mentioned, but the biggest of all is that RedTrack is extra efficient yet so affordable.
It’s so simple to use in a way that offers a user-friendly interface, with no complex design and buttons. Even beginners can quickly adapt to the platform within the first 36 hours. Usually, they add new features to the platform but the interface remains simple. So if you are new to tracking and analytics, RedTrack won’t be a stress for you to understand and utilize.
As we all understand now, RedTrack is a Hosted tracker, so you won’t need to hassle with servers, their rising costs and the issues of servers crashing won’t happen to you in any way. RedTrack is scalable and does very fast click processing. Self-hosted solutions ain’t even close with them when it comes to speed!
RedTrack consistently advances its tech and resources, they have a highly innovative team that regularly comes out with new updates to keep the platform on trend.
RedTrack has what I think the best customer support out there, they offer a timely response, free one-on-one video calls to assist their customers in cases of setting up postback URLs and other technical stuff. These guys are so cool in such a way that they have created their own Telegram Community with users whereby users can share their needs and suggestions directly with the developers and staff. I haven’t seen such an excellent support team in other trackers.
The platform is already integrated with more than 20 top affiliate networks and over 20 top traffic sources which really simplifies the process of setting up source IDs and postbacks. They also have easy guides showing you how to connect to all those affiliate networks and traffic sources. Alternatively, their support team can immediately take you through the process even if your specific network or traffic source isn’t initially integrated with their platform.

Here’s the list of affiliate networks that are already integrated with RedTrack;



























Los Pollos




YTZ Network






And here are the affiliate traffic sources that are already integrated:

Google AdWords








































As you have seen, almost 99% of the top affiliate networks and traffic sources have been already set up within the tracker. I guess the ones you are using have been integrated too, so you can simply go on to plug and play. All you have to do is to connect your links and start tracking your campaigns immediately (I’m going to fully guide you through on how to do it later on in this guide) and the entire process takes just a few minutes.

Do not worry if your affiliate network or traffic source hasn’t been listed, the process is the same, just keep on reading 🙂

Switching to RedTrack 

I understand switching to a new tracker is a little bit of an uncomfortable process but let’s take this as upgrading. Everybody likes upgrading in all aspects of life from the cars we drive, the home we live in, the neighborhood, generally, we are made to be lovers of “upgrading” and it’s more of natural.

Why not upgrade our business tools which actually make us have a stronger business that caters for our general lifestyle. And always remember in affiliate marketing, if you don’t catch up with trends, then you are on your way to extinction in the industry.

If you don’t have an account as yet,


Next, I’m going to take you through the process of setting up your first campaign within successfully in a very quick and implementable manner but make sure you have signed up using the link above and discount code.

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